Reminder of Mandatory Application Documents

- Curriculum vitae in English
- Statement of Purpose, dated and signed (this signature serves as official proof of application)
Directions: In English and in 3500 or less (not including spaces): What specifically has led you to apply for ENSAI's Smart Data program? Explain how your education and/or professional background have prepared you for some of the specific aspects of this Master's degree.
- Copies of degrees, diplomas (in order from most recent to oldest) - originals plus certified English translations - if documents are in French, a translation is not necessary
- Copies of all official grade transcripts, if possible with course content/descriptions (originals plus certified English translations - if documents are in French, a translation is not necessary)
- English language certificate such as TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, CLES, etc. proving minimum level equivalent to B2 (CEFR scale), for non-native speakers
- French language certificate (for non-native French speakers who wish to be exempted from the intensive French summer program and French courses)
- Copy of the official GRE Revised General Test score report (results must be less than 5 years old to be valid) or equivalent such as GMAT, TAGE, MAGE, etc. for candidates with degrees from EU countries (this document is not mandatory but very strongly recommended). If you have never taken the GRE, please visit the official website In that case, please have results sent directly to ENSAI by using the following Designated Institution code when registering: 7180
- 3 academic or professional references (please indicate for each the name, position, institution and email address). We may contact them
- Copy of valid passport or ID card
- Proof of an international bank transfer order (copy of order, screen shot of online transfer, etc.) for the non-refundable application fee of €100 (mentioning candidates' name + Smart Data).
- Payment of tuition & fees form duly completed and signed. If the jury selects your application, you will receive an admissions offer from ENSAI for the 2017-2018 academic year. This document is a commitment to pay all tuition & fees upon acceptance of this admissions offer.

These requested documents must be submitted one by one. Make sure you upload ALL of them. You can click on this link to check the list of the documents that you have already uploaded.

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